Schedule of theater competition

November 15th
12:00-12:28 “Old fashioned comedy” Shanghai Theater Academy (China)
13:00-13:32 “The City noise” (based on the play “The points on the time axis”) Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinema (YSITC)
14:00-16:00 “Vassa Zheleznova" VGIK
16 ноября
14:30-16:00 “With love and every abomination” Moscow Art Theater School
16:30-17:55 “Such people live" based on the V.M. Shukshin stories The Mikhail Semyonovich Shchepkin Higher Theatre School (Institute)
November 17th
12:00-13:15 "Aksatkyn and Myrza uul" Kyrgyz State University of Culture and Arts named after B.Beishenalieva
13:45-15:25 “Duel" Boris Shchukin Theater
16:00-19:00 “The Seagull" GITIS
18 ноября
12:00-13:30 “Suicide" Rostov, VGIK
13:30-14:47 “Portraying the victim" VGIK